Synermed International

Pioneers in Near Infrared Clinical Chemistry


Synermed is the world's leading developer of quality analytical methods in clinical chemistry. The company's design focus is two areas of traditional weakness of conventional chemistries, namely the elimination of common interferences and the stabilization of enzymes in liquid reagents.

As has been highlighted by the work of Glick and others, almost all conventional procedures for routinely automated chemistries exhibit substantial residual interferences in samples compromised by hemolysis, icterus or turbidity. All of the consequences of these interferences are unwelcome, from specimen rejection, to special handling, repeat testing and misleading clinical information. Ultimately, in a field which is constantly pressured to contain cost, laboratories pay a disproportionate surcharge to process a minority of specimens, on which the results are still flawed.

Synermed has developed a generic approach to the elimination of these problems, using classical reactions adapted to be read in the near infrared spectrum, at wavelengths where the interferents are transparent. The technology has been through a five-year, world-wide validation process, across the full range of routine tests, on all commonly-used analyzers. The results have been exceptional. Synermed methods offer the unique combination of superior accuracy, enhanced productivity, and lower operating cost.

Synermed Chemistries in Your Lab

You can benefit from this quantum enhancement, both in chemistry quality and reagent stability, without an increase in cost. We invite you to learn more about Synermed's technologies and products by exploring these pages.